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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our newest member has given us an eloquent endorsement on her blog! So many thanks to our new friend, Debra of "Doll in the Looking Glass".
Doll in the Looking Glass Blogspot
With friends like this, what we need is more friends like this :)
Good Morning everyone and welcome to October!
This is a wonderful month with Breast Cancer Awareness, Halloween, and of course the World Series of baseball. Help us celebrate our great country’s leisure time sport with
Nancy from Coeur d’ Alene Gifts: October Feature
And if you missed out on the quarterly issue of Victorian Etc., my granddaughters grace this month’s newsletter: October Newsletter
Thanks to all of you who contributed your time and research, and to those of you who read and enjoyed this issue! Our new contest also started yesterday, so good luck finding Lulu Mae : )
In Appreciation,