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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December's Business

Good morning everyone, Can you believe it is already December? At times I thought it would never come and now there is so much to do : ) But first things first. Take time to visit our feature with cups of joy from Nancy and Julie of Roses and Teacups:

December Feature

Then, be sure and open and follow the links on our official Victorian Etc. December Newsletter. What's that you say? You haven't signed up for it yet? (That's a double opt-in form.) Well, there's no time like the present for the gift that keeps on giving:

Victorian Etc. Newsletter

Now down to the business of the day. We are starting work on Volume II, Issue #1 (Jan. 2011) of the magazine. We have an offer from Patty Suchy (Novel Explorations) to do the food and drink article on the World Tea Expo. Barb of SBS Teas and I are working on a novel theme ourselves. We have decided to feature "the Titanic" in this Issue for its upcoming 99th Anniversary. If you have an inclination to help or a passion to write, please let us know that you would be willing to contribute.

Thanks for all that you do and last but not least, visit our media page at the Heart Shoppe and view or "List of Gratitudes" for 2010.

"Victorian Gratitudes"

Thanks to all of you who participated!